PATENTED SYSTEM of printing on fabric

Our continuous investments in Research and Development have allowed us to create and patent the first high definition printing system on the back of the fabric. When this is thermo-fused on the transparent polypropylene pipes, the writings inside the pipe are indelibly visible. There are various utilities of this system that we offer exclusively, including the possibility of:

  • customize the product with your company logo or slogan, making your product immediately recognizable in those markets where American system handles or “cage systems” handles are used
  • guarantee the traceability of the product: we certify the production made in Italy and, consequently, the origin of the high quality raw materials to counteract the phenomenon of traders who import rollers from China and resell them as “made in Italy” at decidedly impossible prices.
  • identify the production batch: through the use of appropriate internal codes, we can trace the production date and verify that there are no defects in each individual batch.


The introduction of a 4-color semi-automatic pad printing machine with flaming system allows us to customize the Caps or the Stoppers with company Logos or customer Drawings.

Available sets

ISIFIX system (European system)

ISIFIX connecting tube: is our proprietary European system, characterized by:

molded in monobloc HIGH THICKNESS Polypropylene

we have eliminated the weak point of the previous system which was represented by the central body (the seat of the fixer). This section was assembled by pressure but due to a limitation in the molding it was not possible to create knurls that guaranteed its tightness when the roller was inserted or extracted. Creating a single body for each size, the knurls at the ends join the flanges in a stable and resistant way to both the pushing and pulling phases. Therefore, the application of staples or gluing between the parts is not necessary.

7 SIZES available
we were able to guarantee the same seal on as many as seven formats, covering all standard sizes in Italy and abroad

better CLEANING of the roller
once the roller has been used, by removing the “blind” cap it is possible to wash the tool, checking that it is actually clean, especially in the housing of the fixer where paint residues could deposit. The single tubular body of our Isifix sustem, linear inside without the presence of any obstacle, guarantees the natural leakage of the liquid and a perfect internal drying. The seat of the most common extension systems, positioned in the center of the roller, it did not give the possibility to check the actual and correct cleaning of the roller.



The GRIP OF THE HANDLE, CAPS and STOPPERS are made with proprietary HIGH-THICKNESS Polypropylene molds to ensure a long product life. These parts are available in stock in various colors to be matched to the company or the customers’ logo colours. We can also create customized colors based on customer requests.

for shipyards & industrial uses

This type of spare roller can be mounted on any HANDLE with Ø 6 and Ø 7 mm iron rod not beveled thanks to the WASHER and the FIXING CAP that are present in each bag. The fixing cap is fixed to the end of the handle by simply pressing.


ROLLERS finishings


Special diagonal shaving of the pile at the edges of the roller for an uniform painting without paint lines on the wall


Paper label

We put this lable inside the plastic bag that contains the product. The sizes are customizable. The standard paper label (mm104x148) can be personalized with all the details you want (logos, descriptions in any language, barcodes, QR codes, etc.) printed in Black colour. On the back are usually printed the operating instructions in different languages.


We put this adhesive label outside the plastic bag that contains the product. The sizes are customizable. The standard sticker (mm60x100) can be personalized with all the details you want (logos, descriptions in any language, barcode, etc.) printed in Black colour. It’s not possible to print on the back.

Printed bag

(standard with FERRARI layout)

We use this printed bag for the packaging of the paint rollers bought in bulk quantities. We can realize the design of the customer with prints up to 4 colours for minimum 20.000 bags.

The plastic bag can be SHRUNK or NOT SHRUNK. These last can be sealed with the EURO SLOT




Packs of 12 pieces

Upon request we can package the rollers in tear-off cardboard display boxes of 12 pieces.

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